Bring a Deeper Awareness to Your Life

Hypnotherapy is a tool to connect you to your inner knowing and allow it to suggest the transformation that you are  ready for now. What are you ready to transform today?

Personally, my subconscious, inner-knowing reminds me that I am capable of being a clear and conscious channel of love for myself and Everyone I interact with.

I heal no one-no one needs to heal. We are all perfect exactly as we are in each moment AND we can be ready for the next lesson that brings a deeper awareness and consciousness to our daily life. We are the beautifully malleable clay that can be molded into a new form.

Moving through each moment in this awareness and consciousness we can bring a sense of peace, love, acceptance and enjoyment to that moment.

We remove the striving and can effortlessly BE in each moment, trusting that the next moment will also present itself perfectly. This gives us an opportunity to practice being aware and conscious…and if we aren’t…thats ok too! We will still receive the lesson we need to help lead us back to that awareness in this moment.

The same as a runner training for a marathon, we can train our minds to find joy being present in the moment. Feeling the aliveness of the here and now.

Hypnotherapy is like having a personal trainer that will motivate you to keep up with your daily routine. In that way my subconscious mind motivates me to stay present, conscious and aware.