Relieve Anxiety Instantly-Breathing Deeply Really Does the Trick

When I was a little girl I loved to go to the San Francisco Exploratorium. My favorite was the light that would flash from across the room and would put a negative “picture” of your shadow on the wall. My sister and I would jump into the air and try and make silly shapes that would be photographed. I always loved experimenting, even if I got bored quickly…too quickly to actually learn how things worked completely, I would get a gist of something and move on.

Now, as an adult, I take a little extra time to figure out how things work. Well at least I do when it is something that has affected me so personally. That’s right, I’m talking about the physiological effects of anxiety on my body and l the ways I used to calm down.

Breathing Deeply Actually Changes your Physiology!

Did you know that?

It has something to do with the amount of oxygen, triggering a complex reaction that tells actual chemicals in your body to secrete…or to suppress other chemicals…I got bored trying to figure out the exact science of it and got excited that breathing deeply works.

Try it! Yes, right now…try it!

Take a nice deep breath in. Maybe even hold it for a second or two, once you are at full capacity.

Now let all that air go…actually push the last bit of air out of your body…making that funny blowing noise and let it all go.

And then do it again…and again, one more time!

Don’t you feel better already? I’m sure if you are reading this you have already tried different breathing techniques, or if you haven’t “pranayama” or “prana-your-momma’d” out on some other method, you at least know that taking a breath when you feel overwhelmed can help release some of the tension from the situation you believe is causing you to feel anxious.

You know how you were told to count to 10 before responding to someone if you were worked up. It is more than likely that as you were counting, you began breathing more deeply too. It physically changes how you feel and diffuses powerful calming chemicals in your body.

So here I am, telling you to breath deeply to deal with feelings of anxiety. To diffuse the speeding up of your heart beat, the racing of your thoughts and the fight or flight mechanism that is ready to kick in.

So Much More Than Just Breathing

But this isn’t some new breathing technique that only helps you calm down for a moment. This is something that transformed my life and so I know it can transform yours.

When we practice breathing deeply, combined with a short conversation with your subconscious mind, we can begin to reprogram all of those triggers that cause you to feel anxious to begin with.

When you focus on your breath while allowing your subconscious to focus on a new way to deal with life, you actually begin to form new synapsys in the brain. These are the neurological connections that are formed between the person, place or situation that began aggravating those feelings of anxiety and your bodies automatic response.

Breathing is just the first domino that creates a complete domino effect through out your body and mind. Teaching you to practice associating the bodies response with new thoughts. So as soon as the body begins to respond, your subconscious says, “Oh ya! I have a new way to respond to that. Now I take a deep breath and as I do that I remember these powerful hypno-suggestions I heard during this video. I am in control. I choose to feel calm. I choose to feel at peace. I choose to allow my breath to relax my parasympathetic nervous system now.”

All it takes is listening to this video. Just a few minutes.

And if you practice it every day, it lasts longer and goes deeper, so when those old feelings of anxiousness begin to pop up, you have already begun this new behavior and you can instantly relax and enjoy the moment.

All that from a breath and a quick conversation with your subconscious.

What Do You Have to Lose?

When I began practicing hypnotherapy, I didn’t have much to lose. I was so paralyzed by my social anxiety, I was willing to try anything. Maybe you aren’t at that point yet. I HOPE you are at that point yet, because it is just as effective whether you just occasionally feel some anxiousness or whether you, like me, arrange your entire day around avoiding situations which used to cause me to feel anxious.

I decided to become a hypnotherapist because of the amazing personal results I had. I now enjoy my life. I go where I want to go, whenever I want to…and you can too.

So enjoy the process, enjoy this video and if you are feeling like this is a technique you are ready for…get my free download for even more easy tools.  Then when you are really ready to live your calm and anxiety-free life, reach out for one on one sessions.  I look forward to supporting you in living your best life, Jen