Our Hearts Don’t Lie

When connecting in to our hearts, we can get a greater sense of what our true desires are. So often we are bombarded with messages telling us what our desires “should” be. You may feel off balanced, off kilter as you continue to try and fulfill these unauthentic desires. You think they are what you want and because you are so accustom to hearing them, you may not even recognize that they are someone else’s voice.

When we take just a few minutes and connect in to our heart, we hear the message of our truth. Our hearts don’t lie! They may whisper something we feel is impossible but they don’t lie. They tell you exactly what they really want. You can’t hear what they have to say, if you don’t connect to them. You can’t feel their longings if you are always to busy with life to even acknowledge they have a truth to share with you.

What would you do if you listened to your heart? Would you need to take steps to make a change in your life? Would you need to open up and speak from your heart in a way that might make people around you uncomfortable? How often do you close your heart, so you don’t have to experience its yearning for something different?

When we close our hearts and ignore the truth it is burning to share with us, life lacks a certain spark and joy. As soon as we begin giving attention to our hearts, taking a moment to connect and listen, shifts occur in our lives. We don’t have to share what our hearts tell us. Just listening, like listening to a close friend, can begin the shift that you’ve been looking for.

Feeling supported to take action to trust my heart and make a change towards those desires is what hypnotherapy has done for me. I kept a wall around my heart and I didn’t even know because I thought connecting in to my heart would be too painful. Hypnotherapy gave me the tools to feel safe and supported so that I could listen to my heart. Now I enjoy connecting in. It is like my barometer for how I’m really doing because I am very good at denying how I really feel. When I take a moment, breath into my heart and see how I am feeling, I can honor the message I receive.

Some days we may be more open hearted then we thought. Other days we might receive a message of heavy heartedness. Listening in, we can give ourselves what we need. Perhaps a little more self care on those heavy days. Perhaps sharing your love on those days when your heart is more open. By trusting our heart, we move through our day in a more authentic way. Plus, if you have the experience of other people around you telling you how they think you are feeling, connecting to your heart is a quick and easy way to connect in to your truth. Trust your truth, trust your heart in each moment.

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So much love, Jen