Wash Away Any Anxiousness

I love waterfalls.

It doesn’t matter if it is a little trickle running down the side of a hill or Niagra Falls.

I love them! Don’t you?

There is something about the sound they emanate that feels so soothing. Even with the power of Niagra Falls, as I sat next to it for a bit, the exhilaration faded into a relaxing hum. There is a specific frequency that falling water vibrates at that is unique and has a natural tendency to instantly relax us. If you have ever had the opportunity to stand under a waterfall and allow it to wash over your body, you know how much better you feel. If not, even just imagining this relaxing, calming, cleansing energy to wash over you is enough to do the trick.

It is amazing how powerful our minds are! We can imagine something and receive similar, if not the exact same benefit, as if it was really happening. The problem is that we rarely remember to take the time to do that. When you are rushing around in your day and you begin to get anxious about how much more you have to do, it is counter intuitive to stop and take a moment. You believe you don’t have time to imagine something soothing washing away those feelings of anxiousness. You may not realize you are equipped to make better decisions afterwards.

Like the Buddist saying,”Meditate 20 minutes a day, unless you don’t have time…then meditate an hour a day.”

This really speaks to the truth that we make better decisions, more creative decisions, when we are calm. When we are anxious our entire body is on high alert and we are making decisions from a fight or flight mode.

How many of us spend most of our lives in this state?

Do you think you could make more thoughtful choices if you were in a different state?

What if you could get to that calm, centered and relaxed state in less than 5 minutes before you decided to act. Just imagine how it would feel if right before you go in to a big meeting you washed away any anxiousness and walked in calm and relaxed. What if you began to feel anxious again while in the meeting and all you had to do was a quick technique to allow that calm to flow through you again?

Wouldn’t that be worth a little practice to change how you are moving through those important events in your life?

Now maybe a work meeting isn’t the most stressful thing in your day, maybe you need to get calm before driving somewhere or going to visit someone; whatever it is that has had the tendency to exacerbate those feelings of anxiousness, you can watch this video and feel calm & relaxed quickly.

Watch it a few times, over a few days and notice when you enter a stressful situation, the image of your perfect waterfall comes to mind instantly and effortlessly. That cleansing force flowing through you until you feel completely clear, free from any of those old feelings naturally. You handle that situation with ease.

If you want a little extra support with an easy technique you can do anywhere, you can get a Free PDF to keep these calm feelings flowing at any time, in any situation. 

May the healing power of waterfalls wash away any of those old feelings and give you a new way to enjoy a calm, relaxed life. A life where you choose how you want to feel. A life where you make better decisions and choices because you are in a state that elicits creative action.

So enjoy the process, enjoy this video and if you are feeling like this is a technique you are ready for…get my free download for even more easy tools Then when you are really ready to live your calm and anxiety-free life, reach out for one on one sessions. I look forward to supporting you in living your best life. So much love, Jen