Seeds that We have Planted

You are so confused, so easily distracted by your own thoughts. We know there is group “wisdom” among you that Your thoughts will manifest as your story. As though, the moment some word or image pops in-it will instantly combust- as this big bang, you use to try & understand the truth of your creation & yet your ability to create does not work this way. This is a simplified explanation of something far more complex that is beyond your comprehension.

It is even beyond your “spiritual supposed master” comprehension. And just KNOW this, anyone who calls themselves a Master, has mastered nothing…like you, you Reiki master. This is ego. You are aware of energy beyond the level of most on the earth at this time & yet even in the realm of spirit you lack mastery over the great unfathomable knowing of what Energy truly is. It is ok. We do not mean to demean you, only to bring some humility & recognition that those who are truly powerful have no need to tout their power. Remember this as you continue your journey.

So too this belief in the power of your thought-the “mastery” of your though enslaves you to the collective conscious agreement & so adds a sneaky sort of fear mechanism. That if your thoughts are out of alignment with the light you know you are, you have somehow failed & you can glom onto this as reason to torture yourself as Jesus carried the cross & wore the crown of thorns. Just to be clear-He did neither!!! He surrendered in human form so His spirit could prevail & bring the most powerful of teachings to light to those who had no understanding of them. Rebirth-reconfiguration-is a reality.

You see it in the natural realm. The mulch of the leaves of death having fallen from the tree of life nourish & birth forth new seedlings. So too any of your silly little thoughts of death or destruction or decay can be dropped instantly & We can use those “useless” droppings to birth forth what is most important for you to keep in mind. When you clear out your self-judgement, even just slightly, you create space for Our Truths to flow in.

And these Truths are that the script is already written. Whats comes to your mind as you open to setting your intentions or manifesting your realities are seeds that We have already planted long before so that you may realize & recognize what has been written for you, with you, by you before you arrived to the physical plane.

Again We remind you-your self will, what you control, is the speed with which that story line passes & more importantly, the ease & enjoyment with which you experience each moment of the story of your time here on planet Earth.

*Side Note, in response to my own musings after this channeling > Yes-So expecting anyone else’s story line to be different that what it IS-is as ludicrous as beating yourself over the head, expecting your life to be different. Be grateful for your path. Be grateful for the path of those around you. Be grateful your paths were meant to cross in these circumstances.