The Story is Written

*To clarify the experience I had in my body, I had just sneezed and gotten huge goose bumps all up and down my right leg. This is not a typical bodily response for me when I sneeze, which I do not do very often. The greatest things I am learning in this process is that everything in our human world can be used as a teaching device! And so begins the channeling portion…

Yes-notice this reactive experience in your body. just from this mechanic, of expelling mucus from your system, which is actually ridding of any toxic or foreign material. You notice how these bumps form on your skin, quickly, automatically & without your conscious knowledge & just as easily they slowly disappear. We focus you on this to remind you of the level of intelligence that is already written in your DNA. You are perfectly coded for all of this natural instructions to get you through this period in time.

Yes-We know you do not like to perceive of yourself & We say “self” loosely because We both know this is just a form you are taking for this nanosecond in existence. And so this coding is perfect. This is the true interpretation when you say-your story is written. And the story of the infinite is written & stored within this human form. It is for all humans & just as some of you, Whom are more adapt at reading & translating these computer codings, so too there are those of you more adapt at ready & translating the human coding.
And just like any translation, there are those who overvalue their capability at translation & so have been spreading misinformation since the dawn of your creation. And now some of this mis-translation is for a deeper purpose & some is for personal purpose-which is to say – misuse. Some is quite innocent & other an abuse. But this is of no matter Now. Because in the Now all can be heard & understood completely & wholly when We listen to the original Source of this messaging system for your greater purpose here & Now!

And in this Now is All Experience of All Forms for All “Time” for lack of a better concept for you who are in this human remembering. And so you can also understand that you are having a turning on, yes a reboot if you will, of some of these programs that have always been within your make up. So as simply & easily & rapidly as these goose flesh as you call it, has appeared on the outer surface of your body from the reactionary mechanism of the “sneeze” with which the body expels foreign material from your nasal cavity…so too will you have an easy & automatic & rapid expelling of these global irritants that are no longer to be a part of this story of human form moving forward. We understand that this concept of rapidity is a confusing one because of your forgetting & mistranslation of time. Your forgetting encapsulates the “time” in human form to “Be” infinite when in reality it takes no longer than the lapse of time between your sneeze and the formation of goose flesh, which to you appeared instantaneously. Remember this example, this analogy as it were.

We invite you to use this as a physical teaching aid that humans can comprehend which is why We triggered this strong reaction in you, in the moment We chose to share this with you. Just as this event in your current collective is triggering a mounting “goose flesh” across the surface of the planet. While these little mounds of flesh that prickle up may seem ugly & unnecessary to supporting the expelling of this foreign entity, trust that it is part of the greater intelligent process that has been designed.
It is, as such, the pull switch, the second rip cord if you will, that must be pulled, that must be switched on to expelling these foreign entities that have been trying so diligently to disturb the successful completion of a project that can not fail. And so just as these fail proof measure that must be taken may seem jarring at the initial execution, trust that they will land you All in much calmer water.
That is all for now.