Cumulative JOY

An observation that brings a smile. The adorable dueling hummingbirds, the brilliance of the red, orange & yellow bird of paradise that leads to a kind word to a friend, a complement received & a hug shared. These are the things that accumulate joy.

What if our bank accounts were filled with credits of Joy? What if the Richness & Wealth of a woman was weighted in Joy? Who would the 1% be then? Who would rule the power structure if it were built on a foundation of Joy? What if your cars, your motorcycles, your RVs ran on Joy?

What would you be willing to do to harness that energy in your life, then?

How would I harness that joy in my life? How do I unpack Joy as a gift from the purity of my Being? Do I give measure & value this new human currency in my life? Do I pause & absorb its nutritious life force with the desperation of a starving child or do I toss it aside, hardly noticing it gleaming at me like a glutonous, overstuffed blind man?

What can I do today to absorb this Joy, as though my very existence depended on it??? …because perhaps it does…

PS- To smile at the little things is a good start!