Is Residual Fear Stopping You From Success as an Entrepreneur?

Today is Friday the 13th! Many superstitions and stories go along with this date. Stories are what connect us to each other. They paint a collective belief. There are various elements in that belief system, at play, with this seemingly superstitious date.

I’d like to break down a few of these elements. Let’s create a new more empowered story…especially for my female entrepreneurs!

The original, successful, female entrepreneurs!

The number 13 is actually a sacred number in the most ancient of religions, Goddess worship. Many cycles, in various cultural traditions, are broken down into 12. Therefor, the number 13, was considered sacred and to be attributed to the divine. To disconnect goddess worshipers from this sacred number and the divine, it was made into a day of misfortune.

Moving forward in history, we have this date attributed to witch craft. Did you know that the symbolic hat of witches and the cauldron they were stirring were actually images of women crafting ale. These original female entrepreneurs, the creators of ale…or what we now call beer…were so prosperous that local townsmen began to campaign against them, to usurp their businesses.

And you wonder why you have a fear of putting yourself out in the world?

This is one of the reasons why you may experience a deep seated fear that you will be figuratively “burned at the stake” by comments on social media. It is because deep in the DNA of many women are the ancestral patterns of being burned for being successful business women.

The good news is, you are here now, to break those patterns!

You have the resources today, that our sisters of old, lacked!

By connecting to your subconscious beliefs, that may be holding you back from shining your light in the world, you are breaking free from the past. Are you ready to rise from the ashes of your limiting beliefs to create new resources that allow you to fly forward, as the successful entrepreneur, you are meant to be?

Then reach out, let’s collaborate, to create the ripple your world is ready for!