inJoy Your Vista as You Climb the Mountain

The biggest thing I want moving forward in my life is peace. I live from this value of peace. 

Simple enjoyment in the small moments. I have nothing to prove to anyone! 

I have “arrived” & I can envision so many ways my life is naturally enhanced as I focus on this peace as my core value in all I do. It cultivates knowing of the beautiful, good things to come.

It’s like I have made it to the highest mountain. There are still small, lazy ridges ready to explore. Yet, it isn’t the huge uphill battle…it is a soft, gentle meandering that has amazing views every step of the way. And I know there will come a day when it is time to go back down to the bottom of the mountain with a sense of satisfaction and readiness to explore a new mountain range. 

But for now I am open to inJoy the fruits of my labor & play around here. 

I can see the villages below. Some of them are dancing in celebration & some are burning to the ground. I can celebrate and grieve with them both yet I am on a whole other plane. Therefor I can only BE where I AM at. 

Even if I rush down the mountain – I will miss the opportunity to either participate in the dance or throw water on the fire & so my decent would Be in Vain! Better to explore where I am, create my own dance…put out my own fires because in the end, the truth is I can only live MY Life. I can only experience my experiences. That is how I grow as an example. 

I have to take this higher perspective ~ I am Noone’s Savior! I actually do us both harm in my belief that I am. Or that somehow, I “should” be. If I rush in and either cut in on a dance or grab a bucket of water that isn’t mine, I ROB the one whom that experience was meant for!

AND I have my own experiences that are meant for me…so I distract myself & am unavailable for the opportunities and challenges (which are actually opportunities in disguise) that are meant to be mine. And so we All Lose!

I know that I am no greater than anyone in the villages, there is value in it all. 

So how do I – a mountaineer, always climbing to greater heights know anything about what a village dweller needs?

AND…I can’t expect a village dweller to run up the mountain and get to me in time if I slip and am hanging off the side of a cliff. I need to yell out to someone who is already on the mountain, for a helping hand.

If I am yelling and yelling down to my village dwelling loved ones  and reject the hand that appears to pull me up, because it is not the “right” hand, then I am going to fall. Or if I reject that hand & claw my way back up to safety I will probably arrive with unnecessary scrapes and bruises.

All because of a belief that I Have to save the villager & the village Needs to save me.  

Reach out and be content, grateful and at peace knowing there are plenty of mountaineers nearby who can give a supportive help up and who can inJoy the vista with you, as you climb. 

Surround yourself with people who are happy and grateful to be focusing on their own vista, rather than feeling sorry for whatever is happening in the village. The villagers know how to take care of their own lives too! When I believe, I am the one who knows how to solve their problems, I am looking down on them.

Keep your own vista in view, whether you inJoy the comfort of village life or the climb of mountain life, it is your own view to enjoy as you choose!

If you are a mountaineer and like to keep climbing to new heights of your own personal growth, raising your consciousness, bringing that out into the world as an entrepreneur – supporting others who are also on the mountain path, then reach out to me for that helping hand! 

You can climb with more ease and joy, with all the right gear to support greater enjoyment of your views.