Sitting in the Muck

Sometimes, the change of seasons may feel as though you are wading through so much just to move forward in your day. Sometimes, the change of seasons has you flying forward at lightening speed. The question is, can you be here in the moment, with them both? Or do you take those to be opportunities to beat yourself up over not doing things differently?

This October has been a roller coaster ride. I started a new Group Hypnotherapy class online. I had already created content and marketing the month prior. I knew I was going to be traveling to California and wouldn’t have the time or energy to do it all when I returned. Even with all of the pre-planning and creation, I still felt held back at every turn.

I recognized that I was trying to swim up stream, through doing some self hypnosis. So I had the ability to be forgiving with myself. Then I continued to take steps to move forward, little by little. In the middle of this I listened to a random astrology video, online. I learned that 6 planets were in retrograde. I enjoy astrology & astronomy and yet I hold it all very lightly. Through my own personal experiences, I have come to acknowledge that I am effected by planetary phenomena. 

Typically I come to this realization after the fact. Since I am a hypnotherapist, I know the power that the stories we tell ourselves have a powerful impact on the reality we create in our lives. I am conscious to not enter into a self fulfilling prophecy by following horoscopes too closely. It is important the stories we tell ourselves, because even on the most benign level, if the sun is out I am more likely to have a “sunny” disposition than when it is grey and drizzling out. 

There are so many songs and stories about sunny skies, cheering us up and all of those, live in the subconscious and so we are naturally effected by those stories, even if we have no conscious awareness about them. This is how the brain works! And we still know so little about the brain, who knows the depth that even reading your horoscope or listening to “channelers” who share what is to come, actually creates that outcome.

But I digress…the point is, I was mucking about but I stayed with it and used my resources to keep taking small actions. The mind loves when we accomplish little things. When we celebrate those small wins, it knows this is something that it should keep doing and so it will. So even when you feel stuck, impatient, or like you aren’t accomplishing your goals in the time you would wish, keep taking those small steps forward! 

When you arrive at your destination be grateful for whatever the path meandered through, knowing you have arrived…and that really, the path never ends.