What Stories Keep You Stuck?

I was sharing with several family members about both my trepidation and my excitement in leaving the company I have been doing hypnotherapy for, for the last four years…enough 4s there, numerology folks?

I have been doing private sessions with some clients on my own and have had the business structures in place, with this website. Yet, I have been distracted and my energy was mainly directed at growing someone else’s dream, rather than my own.

So the response of these family members was very interesting to me and speaks to the collective programing that is running in the background of our societies. I believe this training begins in grade school with the Rewards system. I for one, love a fucking Gold Star!!! If you sit still, are quiet and do what the teacher tells you to do, raise your hand in order to speak up, you will be rewarded. If not, you will be punished, perhaps even psychologically cast out from the group by being sent outside or to the principles office. (Marinate on that programming for a bit)

The collective story goes something like this…”The security of working for someone else keeps you safe! Keep your head down, do what you are told AND you will be REWARDED!!!” You will be Rewarded with a pension, with a raise or a promotion, with eternal bliss in heaven, or with 80 virgins…none of the particulars about what that reward is make any difference. It is the same exact story, regardless of where you are in the world.  Whatever the “cocaine laced water in the lab rats water bottle” reward is…most people will keep going through the maze to get to that reward over and over and over again.

Now today, the New Reward is more “Likes”, more “Followers”, more external attention rather than you BEING your own reward. Rather than the reward being your own internal, intrinsic value that says, I am deserving as I am. I deserve to live a life that feels good for me. The joy, the sorrow, the experience of living that life, is reward enough…because I am Enough! Being rewarded by doing what lights you up naturally.

That is true Wealth & Freedom right there.

And it takes courage to live that life of wealth and freedom. It takes looking at those stories, which are simply subconscious programs that have been ingrained in you since childhood. 

Once you acknowledge that it is a story, you can Choose to rewrite that story! You can choose to know there is safety in living your dreams, in being an entrepreneur. There is security in stepping outside of the societal norms. There is inner security knowing that you are following your own inner guidance and creating new stories, a new legacy for the future!!!

Are you feeling stuck in the old stories that have been ingrained in your subconscious? If so, hypnotherapy is the most effective and efficient method of rewriting those stories so you can transform your life and succeed in building the business of your dreams!

Reach out to find out more about how hypnotherapy can transform your subconscious stories.