inJoy Your Vista as You Climb the Mountain

The biggest thing I want moving forward in my life is peace. I live from this value of peace. 

Simple enjoyment in the small moments. I have nothing to prove to anyone! 

I have “arrived” & I can envision so many ways my life is naturally enhanced as I focus on this peace as my core value in all I do. It cultivates knowing of the beautiful, good things to come.

It’s like I have made it to the highest mountain. There are still small, lazy ridges ready to explore. Yet, it isn’t the huge uphill battle…it is a soft, gentle meandering that has amazing views every step of the way. And I know there will come a day when it is time to go back down to the bottom of the mountain with a sense of satisfaction and readiness to explore a new mountain range. 

But for now I am open to inJoy the fruits of my labor & play around here. 

I can see the villages below. Some of them are dancing in celebration & some are burning to the ground. I can celebrate and grieve with them both yet I am on a whole other plane. Therefor I can only BE where I AM at. 

Even if I rush down the mountain – I will miss the opportunity to either participate in the dance or throw water on the fire & so my decent would Be in Vain! Better to explore where I am, create my own dance…put out my own fires because in the end, the truth is I can only live MY Life. I can only experience my experiences. That is how I grow as an example. 

I have to take this higher perspective ~ I am Noone’s Savior! I actually do us both harm in my belief that I am. Or that somehow, I “should” be. If I rush in and either cut in on a dance or grab a bucket of water that isn’t mine, I ROB the one whom that experience was meant for!

AND I have my own experiences that are meant for me…so I distract myself & am unavailable for the opportunities and challenges (which are actually opportunities in disguise) that are meant to be mine. And so we All Lose!

I know that I am no greater than anyone in the villages, there is value in it all. 

So how do I – a mountaineer, always climbing to greater heights know anything about what a village dweller needs?

AND…I can’t expect a village dweller to run up the mountain and get to me in time if I slip and am hanging off the side of a cliff. I need to yell out to someone who is already on the mountain, for a helping hand.

If I am yelling and yelling down to my village dwelling loved ones  and reject the hand that appears to pull me up, because it is not the “right” hand, then I am going to fall. Or if I reject that hand & claw my way back up to safety I will probably arrive with unnecessary scrapes and bruises.

All because of a belief that I Have to save the villager & the village Needs to save me.  

Reach out and be content, grateful and at peace knowing there are plenty of mountaineers nearby who can give a supportive help up and who can inJoy the vista with you, as you climb. 

Surround yourself with people who are happy and grateful to be focusing on their own vista, rather than feeling sorry for whatever is happening in the village. The villagers know how to take care of their own lives too! When I believe, I am the one who knows how to solve their problems, I am looking down on them.

Keep your own vista in view, whether you inJoy the comfort of village life or the climb of mountain life, it is your own view to enjoy as you choose!

If you are a mountaineer and like to keep climbing to new heights of your own personal growth, raising your consciousness, bringing that out into the world as an entrepreneur – supporting others who are also on the mountain path, then reach out to me for that helping hand! 

You can climb with more ease and joy, with all the right gear to support greater enjoyment of your views.

Is Residual Fear Stopping You From Success as an Entrepreneur?

Today is Friday the 13th! Many superstitions and stories go along with this date. Stories are what connect us to each other. They paint a collective belief. There are various elements in that belief system, at play, with this seemingly superstitious date.

I’d like to break down a few of these elements. Let’s create a new more empowered story…especially for my female entrepreneurs!

The original, successful, female entrepreneurs!

The number 13 is actually a sacred number in the most ancient of religions, Goddess worship. Many cycles, in various cultural traditions, are broken down into 12. Therefor, the number 13, was considered sacred and to be attributed to the divine. To disconnect goddess worshipers from this sacred number and the divine, it was made into a day of misfortune.

Moving forward in history, we have this date attributed to witch craft. Did you know that the symbolic hat of witches and the cauldron they were stirring were actually images of women crafting ale. These original female entrepreneurs, the creators of ale…or what we now call beer…were so prosperous that local townsmen began to campaign against them, to usurp their businesses.

And you wonder why you have a fear of putting yourself out in the world?

This is one of the reasons why you may experience a deep seated fear that you will be figuratively “burned at the stake” by comments on social media. It is because deep in the DNA of many women are the ancestral patterns of being burned for being successful business women.

The good news is, you are here now, to break those patterns!

You have the resources today, that our sisters of old, lacked!

By connecting to your subconscious beliefs, that may be holding you back from shining your light in the world, you are breaking free from the past. Are you ready to rise from the ashes of your limiting beliefs to create new resources that allow you to fly forward, as the successful entrepreneur, you are meant to be?

Then reach out, let’s collaborate, to create the ripple your world is ready for!

I Choose Me

Today is Day 66 of I Choose Me, a practice I have done several times now since getting sober over 8 years ago. Each time I have huge revelations. I commit to 90 days of choosing myself first. If you are like me, putting yourself first may seem self indulgent and selfish but what I have realized each time I do this, it means I show up as my best self for myself and others!

When I first started this 90 days, I was actually writing, “I Chose Me” for the first few weeks. It must have been a subconscious attempt to get me to meditate on a deeper truth…this past tense of making a choice….eventually had me contemplating an idea I have always loosely held. Namely, that prior to my arrival on the earth at this point and time, a greater version of myself made a choice to show up as “Me”. Now I have done my best to analyze and figure out what that mechanism is and I could write an entire book on all of my hypothesis but needless to say, I have given up on solving the true nature of reality and have allowed myself the beautiful gift of the Unknown!

Yet, writing I Chose Me, led me to blossom in my gratitude for the being I have shown up as. To open up to an acceptance that Who I am, as Jen, this small human vessel with all of her personality traits, life stories, patterns and experiences is More Than Enough! I am playing my own perfect role as imperfectly as possible so I can inJoy what it means to be the human everyone calls, Jen.

So I realized my subconscious “auto-correct” typo, contemplated it deeply and moved forward to make the daily Choice to continue to show up for me first. This process of revelations that come whenever I have committed and consistently followed through on choosing me, has been amazing for my personal growth.

When I began this 66 days ago, my main focus was on my eating and exercise habits. I decided to quit consuming any sugar including breads & pastas. I was also doing at least 15 minutes of exercise every day. After two weeks, feeling more balanced in my body the focus naturally began to shift. Just the act of writing those words at the top of my journal each morning before doing a quick brain dump, had me focused on my own needs more and more.

I quickly realized that it is easier for me to focus on everyone else’s needs then to take care of myself. An old family pattern popped up that says, 

“I believe you only love me if you will go out of your way, sacrificing yourself, to meet my needs without me even needing to ask you!” 

and vice versus….I will spend countless amounts of time and energy anticipating Your needs and taking care of them to show you how much I love you. 

This new subconscious belief that “me” taking care of “me”, as an act of self love, rather than selfishness and “you” taking care of “you” is healthy. Rather than being enmeshed with each other will  feel validated in who I am and feel that “love” is present.

Pretty big realization!!! Of course, I was doing some self hypnosis and listening to recordings that facilitated this type of awareness but it was this practice of sitting every morning and re-commiting to  Choosing Me, that even created space for that to appear.

Now that this realization is in my conscious mind what do I do with it?

It also goes along with this daily “I Choose ME!” 

I have to re-commit on a daily basis to focus on meeting my needs and to let others take care of meeting their own needs. This may sound simple but for someone who used to be an overly responsible, Type A, people pleaser this is a continued journey. I have been doing additional self hypnosis…which in my world, as a hypnotherapist, this means I take myself through an entire session. 

I am happy to say that through this experience, I have recognized that I need to make a concerted effort to grow my own Hypnotherapy business, rather than putting all of my energy and time into growing someone else’s company. I am also happy to say it is getting easier and easier to directly ask for my needs to be met, to meet my own needs first rather than waiting for others to magically intuit what I want and do it for me AND I am meeting my own needs regularly NOW…in just a few months!

If you are interested in meeting your own needs to, reach out to me for private one on one hypnotherapy sessions! And I’ll let you know even more about what I am doing to meet my own needs daily.

Cumulative JOY

An observation that brings a smile. The adorable dueling hummingbirds, the brilliance of the red, orange & yellow bird of paradise that leads to a kind word to a friend, a complement received & a hug shared. These are the things that accumulate joy.

What if our bank accounts were filled with credits of Joy? What if the Richness & Wealth of a woman was weighted in Joy? Who would the 1% be then? Who would rule the power structure if it were built on a foundation of Joy? What if your cars, your motorcycles, your RVs ran on Joy?

What would you be willing to do to harness that energy in your life, then?

How would I harness that joy in my life? How do I unpack Joy as a gift from the purity of my Being? Do I give measure & value this new human currency in my life? Do I pause & absorb its nutritious life force with the desperation of a starving child or do I toss it aside, hardly noticing it gleaming at me like a glutonous, overstuffed blind man?

What can I do today to absorb this Joy, as though my very existence depended on it??? …because perhaps it does…

PS- To smile at the little things is a good start!

The Story is Written

*To clarify the experience I had in my body, I had just sneezed and gotten huge goose bumps all up and down my right leg. This is not a typical bodily response for me when I sneeze, which I do not do very often. The greatest things I am learning in this process is that everything in our human world can be used as a teaching device! And so begins the channeling portion…

Yes-notice this reactive experience in your body. just from this mechanic, of expelling mucus from your system, which is actually ridding of any toxic or foreign material. You notice how these bumps form on your skin, quickly, automatically & without your conscious knowledge & just as easily they slowly disappear. We focus you on this to remind you of the level of intelligence that is already written in your DNA. You are perfectly coded for all of this natural instructions to get you through this period in time.

Yes-We know you do not like to perceive of yourself & We say “self” loosely because We both know this is just a form you are taking for this nanosecond in existence. And so this coding is perfect. This is the true interpretation when you say-your story is written. And the story of the infinite is written & stored within this human form. It is for all humans & just as some of you, Whom are more adapt at reading & translating these computer codings, so too there are those of you more adapt at ready & translating the human coding.
And just like any translation, there are those who overvalue their capability at translation & so have been spreading misinformation since the dawn of your creation. And now some of this mis-translation is for a deeper purpose & some is for personal purpose-which is to say – misuse. Some is quite innocent & other an abuse. But this is of no matter Now. Because in the Now all can be heard & understood completely & wholly when We listen to the original Source of this messaging system for your greater purpose here & Now!

And in this Now is All Experience of All Forms for All “Time” for lack of a better concept for you who are in this human remembering. And so you can also understand that you are having a turning on, yes a reboot if you will, of some of these programs that have always been within your make up. So as simply & easily & rapidly as these goose flesh as you call it, has appeared on the outer surface of your body from the reactionary mechanism of the “sneeze” with which the body expels foreign material from your nasal cavity…so too will you have an easy & automatic & rapid expelling of these global irritants that are no longer to be a part of this story of human form moving forward. We understand that this concept of rapidity is a confusing one because of your forgetting & mistranslation of time. Your forgetting encapsulates the “time” in human form to “Be” infinite when in reality it takes no longer than the lapse of time between your sneeze and the formation of goose flesh, which to you appeared instantaneously. Remember this example, this analogy as it were.

We invite you to use this as a physical teaching aid that humans can comprehend which is why We triggered this strong reaction in you, in the moment We chose to share this with you. Just as this event in your current collective is triggering a mounting “goose flesh” across the surface of the planet. While these little mounds of flesh that prickle up may seem ugly & unnecessary to supporting the expelling of this foreign entity, trust that it is part of the greater intelligent process that has been designed.
It is, as such, the pull switch, the second rip cord if you will, that must be pulled, that must be switched on to expelling these foreign entities that have been trying so diligently to disturb the successful completion of a project that can not fail. And so just as these fail proof measure that must be taken may seem jarring at the initial execution, trust that they will land you All in much calmer water.
That is all for now.

Seeds that We have Planted

You are so confused, so easily distracted by your own thoughts. We know there is group “wisdom” among you that Your thoughts will manifest as your story. As though, the moment some word or image pops in-it will instantly combust- as this big bang, you use to try & understand the truth of your creation & yet your ability to create does not work this way. This is a simplified explanation of something far more complex that is beyond your comprehension.

It is even beyond your “spiritual supposed master” comprehension. And just KNOW this, anyone who calls themselves a Master, has mastered nothing…like you, you Reiki master. This is ego. You are aware of energy beyond the level of most on the earth at this time & yet even in the realm of spirit you lack mastery over the great unfathomable knowing of what Energy truly is. It is ok. We do not mean to demean you, only to bring some humility & recognition that those who are truly powerful have no need to tout their power. Remember this as you continue your journey.

So too this belief in the power of your thought-the “mastery” of your though enslaves you to the collective conscious agreement & so adds a sneaky sort of fear mechanism. That if your thoughts are out of alignment with the light you know you are, you have somehow failed & you can glom onto this as reason to torture yourself as Jesus carried the cross & wore the crown of thorns. Just to be clear-He did neither!!! He surrendered in human form so His spirit could prevail & bring the most powerful of teachings to light to those who had no understanding of them. Rebirth-reconfiguration-is a reality.

You see it in the natural realm. The mulch of the leaves of death having fallen from the tree of life nourish & birth forth new seedlings. So too any of your silly little thoughts of death or destruction or decay can be dropped instantly & We can use those “useless” droppings to birth forth what is most important for you to keep in mind. When you clear out your self-judgement, even just slightly, you create space for Our Truths to flow in.

And these Truths are that the script is already written. Whats comes to your mind as you open to setting your intentions or manifesting your realities are seeds that We have already planted long before so that you may realize & recognize what has been written for you, with you, by you before you arrived to the physical plane.

Again We remind you-your self will, what you control, is the speed with which that story line passes & more importantly, the ease & enjoyment with which you experience each moment of the story of your time here on planet Earth.

*Side Note, in response to my own musings after this channeling > Yes-So expecting anyone else’s story line to be different that what it IS-is as ludicrous as beating yourself over the head, expecting your life to be different. Be grateful for your path. Be grateful for the path of those around you. Be grateful your paths were meant to cross in these circumstances.

7 Years Good Luck

In the last seven years I have opened up more and more to being guided by a Power greater than myself. Clearing out my conscious mind, then led me to connect to my subconscious mind to gain even more clarity. I was at my wits end 7 years ago, I just wanted to stop hating myself! I was living a tortured life of complete disempowerment to choose what I ingested. I never imagined that I would be blessed with the miraculous changes that have occurred in my life!

I realize that much of my self-medication and numbing was to shut out the deeper truth of who I Am. Who we all are! I grew up in a secular family in Silicon Valley at the beginning of our present day technical revolution. I love science and math. I question everything. I want to analyze and obsess over cold hard facts. And yet, this is not the truth of reality. The reality I was taught in school is being expounded upon daily, as the tip of the iceberg of truth…which I suppose is why I love hypnotherapy! It too allows you to dig deeper into your own truth, rather than leaving you with the simple view of only what you can experience with your five senses. Quantum physics also gives me that deeper truth and helps quantify for my limited human understanding some of what I have been experiencing my whole life.

It started at an early age. A certain knowing. Perhaps more like a BS-meter. In grade school, they said Columbus discovered America…and so I raised my little hand to ask how you can “discover” something when it’s already there? “Why? Why? Why?”, came out of my mouth incessantly. “But what about… “, was another favorite expression. I constantly question the narrative not only that I was taught but also of what I experienced with my five senses. Yet many times, this constant questioning become tiresome, even to myself! If I drank or got stoned, I didn’t care about the questions so much…or at least I didn’t remember that I cared.

And who wouldn’t question, when continuously experiencing things that seemed impossible to experience? It is only now, 7 years after putting down alcohol & drugs and allowing my brain to return to its natural unadulterated state, that I am able to begin to access some of the experiences I have regularly. So then, what are these things that I used to deny so badly? In early recovery, I would call them serendipities, synchronistic timings. Then I began to view them as miracles in my life, gifts from my Higher Power. Now I can recognize that they are just abilities we all possess when we open our hearts & minds and listen. We are being guided. We have a story to live. We have a choice on how we will live it, but we are all given road signs along the path of life!

A year ago, as my house was almost completely built, I moved in. The builders continued to finish up the last details for about another month or so. Shortly thereafter my wanderlust began to bubble up. I had completed my big project and now I needed something new & exciting to set my sights on! My boyfriend and I began planning what we needed to do to begin traveling the world the following year. Just to understand the timetable…that would mean, right about now. We had hoped to really travel beginning in September of this year, 2020. I am a master manifester and when I set my intention, I know it is only a matter of time before it will come to fruition! Yet with this travel idea I kept coming up against resistance.

Many times in the past, when I have journaled I would experience the feeling that the words shifted from being my own, to being a message from my Higher Power. Also, while meditating I would receive messages. An inner knowing, some words of wisdom or direct response to something I had prayed about…so as I am setting this intention, I keep receiving the message that I am meant to sit still for the next 2 to 3 years. I assumed this was something personal to me! That I needed to practice laying a deeper foundation, since this is not one of my strong suits and therefore I personally needed to stay in one place for an extended period of time. I had already been in my “home town” of Mal Pais, Costa Rica for 2 years. I had lived in my previous town for 4 years. So I added the two up and figured I needed to stay where I was for at least as long as where I had gotten sober.

I tried so many variations on the “travel” bug. Various “obstacles” kept popping up so that I didn’t plan to actually be away. Then we hit March of 2020…the supposed year of clarity of vision. We are all getting a clear vision alright! We hit March and Costa Rica closes it’s borders. I still had high hopes that perhaps I could take an extended trip for December & January, during our peak tourist season. It’s two months later and borders are still closed. Not only in Costa Rica but in many countries all around the world…WTF???

So now I realize, not all messages I receive are only for me. I was beginning to receive information that travel was not going to be a possibility, almost a year ago. These messages are clearer and clearer for me now. As ! question and doubt them less and less, they come through even stronger. They come in with even more direct information about the state of our world. I acknowledge now that I am channeling from a higher plane, information about our existence on this planet. What would have been considered new age woowoo just 20 years ago, is more and more mainstream as channelers and mediums share on an even wider scale the messages they are receiving. I am coming to accept that this is part of who I am too.

MY message to you, is that this is not some special or unique talent only some of us are born with. This is an innate ability and skill that anyone can cultivate! I have found that hypnotherapy has opened me up to hearing these messages more clearly. With this most recent realization…that I was given a glimpse into what was to come…I have set a new intention. My intention now is to share what messages I receive, free from fear of ridicule or self-doubt. I do this to uplift myself and others as we open more and more to the possibilities that all that our five senses experience are only a fraction of what we can experience while here on earth, now. This realization could have never been possible if I was still drinking and getting stoned. So I am most grateful that the greatest message I have received on a personal level from my Higher Powers was to get my drunk & high ass into the rooms of AA & NA! Gracias Diosa!!! Gracias for 7 beautiful years!

Coming Back to Your Essence

How do you feel when you realize you have lost touch with the essence of who you are. It happens slowly, so you hardly even realize that some of the deepest parts of your soul have been tossed aside in a pursuit for what you thought was more important. I began this site, as a way to express myself and my belief that we are all divinely connected beings.

Beginning Building

I just realized that I haven’t posted in almost 2 years, which coincides with moving back to my home town to “take care of business” and build my home. In that process I lost my connection to that deeper part of me, fell into depression once again and misplaced my favorite qualities.

I was gratefully reintroduced to my own words, as I was searching for some material to share with a prospective teaching position for a local dance retreat. I have been so focused on one way in which I like to express myself that I had laid aside all the others. I had forgotten that I need so much more than just one way, because I have so much to express. The greatest thing I forgot in this detour on my path, was my light. I forgot that it is more important to shine my light than to become a production machine. and getting things done

While the process of building a house is a creative one, it is more filled with to do lists and split second decisions that need to be made for the project to move forward. Oh, and just to be clear; I didn’t actually do the construction, I just managed the process. It became an obsession.

By the end, I had stopped dancing, even just for the joy of it. I had stopped my daily self-reiki practice. I rarely practiced my self hypnosis or listened to a recording. I had definitely forgot all about pilates and spent most of my days working on the computer to further my career, as well as search for the right doorknobs!

Finished “Product”

Did you know, you have to figure out what frickin doorknobs you want, when you build a house? When you buy a house, those doorknobs are there. So benign! You get what it comes with! But when you build a house you have to think about every hinge and grout color and light switch cover and toilet…do you know how many types of toilets there are? I sure didn’t!!!

Anyhoo…I digress!

I just reread my blog Being Good Enough and realized I had given up on myself. I was so determined to get everything perfect, that I had forgot the real truth….that I am ALREADY perfect, exactly the way I am.

So I am grateful to realize that while I may have taken this important detour, which was extremely necessary on so many levels (but that will be left for another post), I am ready to return to my true essence. My creative essence! My divine essence that is expressed through all of these practices I so love and believe in, including expressing myself through the written word.

Now you see it, now you don’t!

Now you see it, now you don’t! Do you ever get a flash in your peripheral view and image you saw something that wasn’t there? Has someone ever pointed out a bird up in a tree, and as you squint in the direction they are pointing you think, they must be crazy, I don’t see anything! You can’t believe everything you see, the magician reminds us. Optical illusions are a plenty in the artistry around us.

We have so many way of seeing the world, we each have our own perspective. Do you remember hanging upside down on the monkey bar in your grade school play ground and imagining the world had been turned around and the sky was now on the ground? Life is like that. We can shift our perspective and suddenly life has a completely different view. If we can have different views of our own life, how many view can exist in the world…at least as many as there are people.

Everyone has their own view of how they see the world. This view is based on life experience. Just go to a museum and you will see how each person will be appreciating different pieces or the same piece in a different way. Two people may be standing side by side admiring the same work of art and yet, each sees something completely different. Our lives are works of art. So why shouldn’t we admire our own work of art as being a beautiful creation?

Do you trust the view you have of your life? Or do you accept other critics reviews of your work of art? Maybe you have family and friends who see your life as amazing because you are successful at a job that you feel robs your soul. Perhaps your life experience is the complete opposite. You have a relationship that you cherish but those around you wish you would run away from because they don’t believe that other person is “right for you”.

When viewing your life do you keep your lens focused on a view that makes you feel good or do you keep getting distracted by the things that others point out to you? When you close your eyes and take a moment to really see your life from your own point of view, you can begin to trust what you see. You can begin trusting your lens. Trusting that your view of you life is true. Knowing the it is perfectly ok for you to trust what you see.

Each of us can respect our view of life and allow others the same respect. When we respect different perspective, the world is a richer place to live in. We can still listen to what others see but we can practice trusting our own view of our life. Awareness is the first step to change. If we have been listening to the point of view of others for most of our lives, it may take some time before we can even begin to see from our own perspective.

This is why it is so important to go inside. To close our eyes and connect in to our mind’s eye. Our mind’s eye sees beyond what others tell us we should see. Our mind’s eyes sees beyond what we think we should see. Our mind’s eye has the uncanny ability to show us our truth. With practice we can begin to trust this truth more and more. We can begin to trust our own view of how our life is unfolding and where we would like to go. We can begin to trust ourselves.

Open your eyes to your truth, to trusting that is perfect and right for you to have your own perspective. Your perspective is valid. Only you know the amazing possibilities you can see for yourself. Trust those! Enjoy the view of your life, it is the only one that counts!

If you enjoyed watching this video and you’d like to go deeper into Trusting Your Truth, then I’ve got a free downloadable recording for you. Just add your name & email and download it now.

Then when you are really ready to live your authentic life, trusting your truth, reach out for a one on one sessions with me. 

I look forward to supporting you in living your best life.

So much love, Jen

Can You Trust Your Feelings when “Big girls don’t cry”?

Big girls don’t cry…

Boy don’t cry…

How are you? I’m fine.

What do these messages all have in common? Really expressing what you are feeling is not acceptable. How many people, when asked how they are, would respond…actually I’m feeling a little confused right now. I’m slightly irritated yet also hopeful all at the same time…how about you?

Let alone, if you asked them how are you and they burst out crying. So even in the face of a huge loss in our life, even during a huge positive transition…most people will put s small smile on their face and reply, “I’m good.” or some other equally benign reply.

What happens when we have been trained since infancy to keep a lid on our emotions? To keep our feelings to ourselves? We begin to lose touch with our feelings? We confuse sadness and grief or even fear with anger. We confuse lust and attraction with love. We confuse excitement with anxiousness. And this is at best…most of the time we keep ourselves so distracted through social media, by the constant go, go, go of modern living that we don’t even know what we are feeling.

We have stopped feeling in the whirlwind of busy.

We don’t even allow ourselves to feel our exhaustion as we crash into bed at the end of the night. So how are you supposed to trust your feelings when you don’t even know what they are? That is the power behind hypnotherapy. It cuts right to the chase and connects with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is where your feelings are stored. Your body communicates what it is feelings through your subconscious.

All you need to do is relax, connect in and your feelings will reveal themselves. Remember your feelings are nothing to avoid. They are there to give you an important message. When you listen to your feelings, when you trust your feelings, you can hear the message they want to communicate. So many times, we just need to listen to ourselves. Listen to your feelings and allow them to pass. You can trust them.

The more you practice listening to your feelings the easier it becomes to understand the message they have for you. Just like a trusted friend that you appreciate listening to you, when you need to talk, so too your feelings appreciate when you listen. Knowing that the are there to give you an important message that you can trust.

You don’t have to go around sharing your deepest feelings with everyone you meet but you can begin to share them with your inner most self.

If you liked this video and you’d like to go deeper into Trusting Your Truth, enjoy a free downloadable recording. 

Then when you are really ready to live your authentic life, trusting your truth, reach out for one on one sessions. 

I look forward to supporting you in living your best life.

So much love, Jen