I am Jen Oliver and as an iACT Certified Hypnotherapist, C.HT, I have supported hundreds of clients from all over the world and completed thousands of hypnotherapy sessions, since becoming a C.Ht in 2017.

I’ve lived in Costa Rica for 20 years. I am originally from the Silicon Valley in California. After completing my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Management Information Systems from San Jose State University, I worked in the technology industry before moving to Costa Rica.

I am also a lifelong dancer and surfer.

I specialize in entrepreneurial mindset, the courage to live the life of your dreams, anxiety relief, overcoming depression, spiritual connectivity & addiction cessation.

I believe that my background in logical, technological, left brained pursuits combined with my creativity in dance, meditative, spiritual, right brained pursuits give me a balanced perspective as a hypnotherapist!
Hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven, effective technique for transformative re-programming of the subconscious mind.
Hypnotherapy is also a transcendental spiritual experience that allows you to become aware of resources beyond your current world view.
I have experienced it for myself and look forward to guiding you in your transformative, life altering experiences as well.

My Story

For too many years, I read self-help books, went to traditional talk therapy and still saw no noticeable shifts in how I dealt with life.

Then after getting sober in 2013, I was introduced to hypnotherapy. Since I was no longer drinking, I had lost my social lubricant and had huge social anxiety. I would attempt to go out to dinner with friends but would become so overwhelmed by the noises and people that I would have to leave the restaurant only minutes after arriving. I would literally run home to be by myself. As someone who loves to travel, this felt debilitating! I had no idea how I was ever going to be able to get out and interact like a “normal” person in the world, again.

After being introduced to this powerful technique of deep relaxation; listening to new healthy suggestions; I was not only able to go to dinner with friends…I even took a trip to New York City to participate in OzyFest. I was there to give mini-hypnotherapy sessions to festival goers. Not only did I make it through the festival…I even had an amazing time. I connected with people I didn’t know, walked through the city & really enjoyed all of the sites, sounds & interactions! This would have never been possible, had I not been introduced to hypnosis and the power that it holds to re-program your subconscious.

Maybe you’ll even inJoy listening to my interview, on the podcast “Stories from the Subconscious”, to hear more about my story and receive a free hypnosis at the end of our interview.