What I have received from Jen’s “Elevate Your Wealth’ program, has been so much more than what I bargained for at the beginning and I feel like I’ve seen so much more tangible results then what I would have expected…

Molly Wogen, Owner of Costa Kids & Certified Doula ; Elevate Your Wealth 90 Day Program participant

 I knew very little about hypnotherapy, only that is taps into the subconscious. Jen provided a safe and calming environment. My first couple of sessions with her, started with specific Intentions for the therapy. I noticed incredible benefits from our sessions together from the very beginning. The hypnotherapy sessions became part of my self care program and also trusted the process so much, that I just asked Jen to follow her Intuition and allow us to journey into the unknown together and “see what comes up”, and where or what areas need more attention in my life.I felt so comfortable in this process. And continue to recommend this therapy, and Jen, to all friends, family and my clients. Hypnotherapy works on every level and any intention or goal that you have. My last session with her gave me complete peace and trust in my life process, and it continues to be with me today…. you can not put a price on that. THANK YOU JEN! Xoxo

Jeanie Baker, Baltimore, Maryland; One on One Hypnotherapy Client focusing on Leveling Up in Life & Her Business

…I am all in for hypnotherapy. It is a great, great, great way of enhancing your life in a positive way. It’s a great way of moving through things that might be difficult for you….

Brandy R, Toronto, Canada; One on One Hypnotherapy Client focusing on PTSD & Insomnia

Jennifer is a talented healer. Her ability to connect on a deep, personal level with each of her clients is unparalleled. During hypnotherapy sessions with her she guides me to hidden parts of myself where they can be brought to the light and healed. Her voice is the perfect blend of power and soft healing. 

Molli M, Orlando, Florida; One on One Hypnotherapy Client focusing on Self Exploration

I started working with Jen when I came up against a major life decision that I was very unsure of. With a few reservations on the impacts of hypnotherapy, I decided I was willing to try, and Jen was my first call. She worked closely with me to uncover my subconscious thoughts and come to a clear decision. Since then, I have continued to work with Jen regularly to navigate through the roller coaster that is life, better support myself, and overcome challenges. Jen works closely to ensure that each session is right for me at that moment, and continues to be a pillar of support in my life. Hypnotherapy has had a positive impact on my life, whether celebrating the good or working through the challenges, and I highly recommend Jen for anyone interested in exploring this journey.

Nicole H; Santa Teresa, Costa Rica; One on One Client focusing on Personal & Business Next Steps

Jennifer Oliver has been a great healer that has helped me unblock many ghost from my past, I used to struggle a lot with .Also thought me how to not only look within me, but learn recognize, accept and deal with my self. Taught me how important it is to love one self as well. She has been also a great example of a person that has battled and risen like a phoenix.She is an outstanding hypnotherapist.

Ingrid A, Jaco, Costa Rica; One on One Hypnotherapy Client focusing on Self Love & Living Her Purpose

Jen has the most calming, soothing voice of anyone I have ever come in contact with! Her hypnotherapy has been there for me in times of anxiety and uneasiness. Her techniques that she so eloquently displays, her deep knowledge of human nature, plus her voice are the perfect combination to not only put me at ease in the moment, but for the rest of the day. What I love most is that it feels she is speaking directly to me. I highly recommend using Jen’s hypnotherapy – she’s awesome!

Sarah Nashville, Tennessee; Group Hypnotherapy client