Group Hypnosis

Are you passionate about your own personal growth?

Do you want to be a living example to your clients, customers and everyone in your life?

Have you struggled in taking things to the next level in your business?

Mindset is the biggest obstacle in shining your light even more brightly in the world. And the key to unlock the door to leveling up your mindset, awaits you, in your subconscious mind!

The truth is mindset has very little to do with consciously putting in the work. You can take all the actions in the world! Yet if your subconscious is not aligned with what you believe you want, sabotage will keep creeping in. During our weekly online group session, you will come to realize the difference between what your conscious mind believes you want and what your subconscious mind ACTUALLY wants

When these two are out of alignment, growth is always a struggle. 

Drop the struggle…let go of the hustle…easily & effortlessly create those shifts you are ready for, now!

I invite you to show up, each week, for yourself. To commune with others, who are also committed to personal growth as a powerful tool in growing as entrepreneurs!

I’m not here to tell you how to run your business. There are plenty of other professionals for that. I am here to empower your subconscious to Level Up in your LIFE! To completely transform your mindset in miraculous ways.

If you are ready to up level shining your light in the world, then join me Wednesday evenings!

You can come join this online group for a week, or really take responsibility for your own mindset and commit with a monthly subscription.

As with everything in life and in your subconscious….the choice is yours!

Remember, going within and being empowered by your true self, your subconscious self, allows you to more easily and effortlessly create all you are ready for at that next level, now!

What you will inJoy each week:

  • Education & deeper awareness around the inner workings of your mind
  • Q&A and sharing
  • Transformational group hypnosis
  • BONUS* Your own recording of the hypnosis, to listen again and again, whenever you choose!

Come join the community now!